Melodious Design fosters a creative environment for musicians and singer songwriters. We believe there’s something inside you that needs to be heard. Melodious is founded and operated by Heath and Shauna West.

                               is a creative place. We offer a wide range of services, including audio engineering and film production in our unique partnership with Unveil Studios.  Located strategically in the busy corridor between Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, our live recording and studio space is in the heart of downtown Red Deer. If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.


the BEST conversion on the market

Apogee Symphony IO

  - 24X24 Analogue Ins/Outs

  - 8X8 AES Ins/Outs


the BEST platform in the industry


We are running a Pro Tools HDX 11HD Rig. It has Power, Power & more Power for your mixes! All with .06ms latency (which is none :)



1 - Peluso 224LE

2 - Coles 4038 (Matched Pair)

2 - Royer 121 (Matched Pair)

2 - Cascade FatHead 2's (Matched Pair)

2 - Audio Technica 3035's

2 - Oktave MK12's

2 - Sennheiser MD421's

1 - SM7B

4 - SM57's

1 - SM58

1 - AKG D1000E


Acoustic Gtrs:

Taylor 614CE (Handmade 1998)

Taylor 314CE (Handmade 1998)

Epiphone Frontier (Handmade 1952)

Bruno Half Size (Only 100 made)


Electric Gtrs:

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (1971)

Gibson Melody Maker (unknown 1960's era)

BlackSeed Magnolia

West SG (Handmade 2010)



5 String USA Fender Ash Body w/Modulus Graphite Neck(this thing is a monster!)

Alvarez 6 String AEB



Roland RD700NX

Mason & Risch Upright (Handmade Toronto 1921)

Keith McMillen QuNexus



Fender Bassman Head (1965)

Vox NightTrain

Marshall 1X12 Heritage Celestion Cab


the BEST sounding Plug-Ins


Everything Inside of Pro Tools 11HDX +

Plug-Ins & processing from Universal Audio's



API, Neve, Manley Massive Passive, Studer, Teletronix, Ampex, Harrison, Cambridge, Little Labs, Fatso Jr/Sr, UA, Moog, Helios, Lexicon 224XL, Millenia, EMT 140/250, Chandler & MORE



Shadow Hills Equinox  30 Channels of Class A Summing to take your mixes to the next level, with switchable output conductors to give you a british, california or nashvile sound!  Simply running your Masters through this box gives it flavour!


Outboard Compression

1 - Universal Audio 1176LN

4 - Universal Audio 710 / 1176  

1 - Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (STEREO)

     (Dual mono for tracking)

Mic Pre's

Killer Front End

Hitting these PreAmps will add warmth and punch to instruments, enables silky smooth vocal highs & runs the gammet from vintage class A to modern clarity.


2 - Shadow Hills Gama Pre's

8 - API 312 Pre's (2XAPI 3124)

4 - UA 710 Pre's

4 - BLA Auteur Pre's

2 - ADesigns Reddi DI Pre's


listening to:

Yamaha HS80M Near Fields

Yamaha HS10W SUB

Software & plug-ins:

Prot Tools 11 HDX

Propellerheads Reason 7

OutputSounds Rev & Signal

Izotope RX 4 Advanced

Izotope Ozone 6, Nectar & Alloy

UAD2 Ulimate Bundle + Many more

SlateDigital Trigger2