U n v e i l S t u d i o s

The Resilient Pawn, the artist || Unveil Studios, the film makers.

This vid is from our Grand Opening & shows from all fronts what #TheSpace is meant for; to give artists the best quality of sound and picture to be able to share their craft with the world.

Learn more about The Resilient Pawn Here

Unveil Studios is made up of three brothers: Andrew, Matthew & Daniel Kooman. They've spent most of their film-making traveling the world asking the hard questions about life, survival and the human condition. Their vision inspires me to dream bigger and expect greater results. The work that they do speaks for itself, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and very soon a lot of people will be digesting the goodness.

The guys are in pre-production of a feature film called 'She Has A Name' a screenplay adapted from a critically acclaimed play that toured across Canada and has had recent production in New York & L.A., written for the stage and the screen by Andrew Kooman.

The anticipation of this film is growing as each step moves from the foreground to the background and serves as building blocks for what is sure to become an amazing feature. Everyone that hears this story catches the vision and wants to know how they can be involved, including me.

The dynamic of the Kooman brothers is a treat to watch. Andrew the writer, Daniel & Matthew Co-Directing. All 3 Producing. Here's a sneak peak at the work that's being done..

The film's post production will be done here at The Space & I am So excited to be a small part of helping this vision become a reality for people to see, hear, touch, taste, feel and be moved by.

To find out more about She Has a Name & receive personal updates from Unveil, go Here and subscribe.

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