we want more mix



This is one of my favorite songs that I've worked on; the title track to colby&brittany's debut album. Right off the bat the kick & snare groove along with the whole note cello melody hooked me and I wanted to keep listening.

I mixed this record at home* as over the past few years we've been in the transition of planning, deconstucting and constructing #TheSpace, our new recording+film studio in downtown red deer, with #unveilstudios, which is now open!

*mixed on a pro tools hdx rig, using mostly beloved UAD2 plugins (Octo pcie) through the apogee Symphony.

The layers and build of the verses to the rise and fall of the chorus are always falling back onto the drums and cello, so those two instruments were my initial focal points. I used supplemental drums samples that i've recorded over the years + a few slate samples using trigger. The toms and snare are mostly from my brothers set of '65 vintage ludwigs; huge sounding drums that i have to be careful to contain! Drum Reverb is from the one & only EMT 250 from UAD2, which realy embellishes every subtlety that I pour into the drum mix. I almost always submix my drums and lightly squash with the SSL G compressor, and this was no exception. It works for me. I'm 1 step closer to stems with submixes so I've adapted it into my workflow. The cello submix goes through the neve 1073, pretty sweet to be able to use this as a stereo plug. It then goes through two different verbs, a shorter plate for the matching of the room and a tweak of the kevin killen preset called atmosphere on the Lexicon 224XL plugin from UAD, to keep the harmonics of the the cello swirly & twirly in the backgraound.

Colby&BrittanyTaylor Mix

The melody of wewantmore is spot on & interesting & one of Colby's greatest strengths, I feel. He producced this record and I think he did a great job of creating space in the midst of so many layers. I'm a lover of dynamic. Subtleties that can pull you in in the midst of hard hitting drums & bass, and for the rest of the instruments it was fairly easy to know what should speak when. Which I suppose is highly subjective, but the song was really well layed out. Guitars pop in and sparkle for their part and go away. The techy side of me wants to tell you that Colby sounds the best through the fairchild plug and all the guitars are ran through api 550A plugs and that i love the harrison eq for its durability and filters and it can be found throughout this mix. But it boils down to a song. A song thats good. I think this is a good song. I can feel its heartbeat. It feels alive to me and I'm happy to be a part of colby & brittany's amazing journey.


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