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My earliest memories are of singing; emulating electric guitar leads with my voice. One of my earliest memories.. a reoccurring event, was sneaking out of bed, sitting on the top steps just out of my parents view, listening to band practice and recording it on my playskool tape recorder. After much musical curiosity, instrument dabbling and years later, I found myself at the Recording Workshop in Ohio. A purely selfish ambition to learn to record the songs I was writing, led to an internship there which would change the course of my life. 

Learning to capture sound led to producing songs for artists and then to composing music for film. I have fallen deeply in love with the process of serving the story with music. I love the challenge of underscore, to hold the line and not get in the way. I love the gratification of the montage where my creative expression can lift to its height or be driven deeper into the heart. Whether I am in the studio, writing or singing a voice memo into my phone I am always creating, aiming to inspire and am inspired by my crazy gifted family and the magically talented artists that I get to come alongside every day. 


Heath has 20 years of experience in the recording industry, done his 10,000 hours multiple times over, learned from the greats, had recent success at radio, had songs nominated for single and album of the year, nominated for best sound and won Best Music / Original Score & Best Sound for the Indie Film Fest (IFF) for the feature film She Has A Name. Artists and film makers are entrusting their moments to his creative experience and expertise, knowing that Heath is thoughtful in his approach to serve the vision, involve the right team and foster continuity throughout the project.

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