benrogers:  august
The Way You Move

We had the privilege of having Ben & Daniel play for #TheSpace Grand Opening in October. We gifted them one of the songs that they performed along with a video shot by Unveil Studios, Co-Founders of #TheSpace 


Have a listen to their track 'August' Recorded Live Off The Floor in front of our Grand Opening audience.

jack-daniel's sourfeelings: itscalledlove
It's Called Love

Banjo. Hard hitting drums. Big guitars. LeonardCohen meets TomWaits meets Henry Rollins kind-of-vibe. These songs of Lament draw you in & you can almost watch the film in your mind as the story of this 4song EP plays out.

karlaadolphe:  allyourglory
All Your Glory

"All Your Glory" has a way of sticking to your bones, & as you listen the roots seem to go deeper into the soul. Music flows from Karla.

colby&brittanytaylor:  wewantmore
We Want More

This is one of my favorite songs that I've worked on; the title track to colby&brittany's debut album. Right off the bat the kick & snare groove along with the whole note cello melody hooked me and I wanted to keep listening.

cityglass:  letitgo
The Way You Move

Sweet band. Melodic and thoughtful vocals with guitar riffs for days. This band is fun to listen to and hang with.  

jonathanburgess:  thewayyoumove
The Way You Move

Jon is able to paint pictures in the mind of his listeners, and bring a fresh revelation of the cliche'.  He says things that we all want to say to ourselves and others within the confines of verse.