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Ryan Langlois

CCMA Nominated CMAB Award Winning Artist

“Heath has a way of seeing through all of the self doubt I often have as an artist. He finds, and then gently pulls the very best out of me. He has become my most trusted creative confidant and a friend for life.”

GrindstoneRyan Langlois
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Mitch Jay

Mike Szabo

Curtis Phagoo

Multiple CCMA Award Winning Musician

"Heath is a beautiful human being, a wonderful musician and an amazing producer who will work hard on your behalf to capture the essence of what your music is all about."

The Mirror
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"Watching Heath work with his studio musicians I began to understand that there is a language that is spoken between the professional producer and professional musicians, one that cultivates creativity and inspires imagination and emotion."

Already GoneMike Szabo
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"No doubt an extremely talented composer, engineer, producer, and mastering engineer.. Heath knows his way around his room. He knows his gear… and there is no shortage of boutique pieces. I have yet to see him hold or sit at an instrument uncomfortably… yet in my opinion his greatest asset is his ability to put the right people in the room , to pull the absolute best out of them, and stitch it together with what feels more like thoughtfulness then ability."

If I Could I Would MasterCurtis Phagoo
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